TYRANIS is a four-piece band that hails from Orange County, California. They have incredible tans and wear shades all the time. The band also kicks major ass in the rock n’ roll department.

TYRANIS consists of Adam Capilouto on drums, Eddie Westre on lead guitar and vocals, Adam Duncan on guitar and vocals, and Frank Cabrera on bass. TYRANIS is a well-established act in the Southern California area. They play regular gigs at venues of all shapes and sizes, and have stolen the show as the warm-up act for several major label bands.

Audiences are left speechless by the thundering power and staggering musical assault that explodes from the stage. TYRANIS has put the finishing touches on a new album, released in fall 2011. Expect it to kick ass and deliver the goods. After that, the band is planning a major world tour, resulting in the conquest of every land they set foot in. Japan is first on the list. Expect no mercy. TYRANIS is number one!

"Drinking, Smoking, Partying, Behaving badly in public."


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